Officers & Departments

BLE members at 2016 General Assembly
BLE President Irene Savas at the 2017 Vasilopita event


  • Irene Savas, President
  • Konstantina Choros, Vice President for Administration
  • Claire Aliki Collins, Vice President for Membership
  • Allan Foster, Financial Advisor

Dance Director

  • Michael Savas

Advisory Board

  • Marcelle Abi-Esber
  • Theodora Choros
  • Garrett Fugate
  • Dawn Georgiadis
  • Dionysia Hahn
  • Sophia Koustas
  • Andrea Messina
  • Ilyana Sawka
  • Sandy Theodorou


The Boston Lykeion Ellinidon’s six departments focus on key areas of interest for the organization and organize relevant events and activities. Volunteers are always welcome. To learn more, please contact us.

  • Traditional Dance (Dawn Georgiadis, chair)
  • Traditional Attire and Decorative Arts (Andrea Messina, chair)
  • Traditional Music (Sandy Theodorou, chair)
  • Folklore Library (Theodora Choros, chair)
  • Greek-American Women as Preservers of Hellenic Folk Culture and Traditions (Sophia Koustas, chair)
  • Guardianship of the Greek Language (Marcelle Abi-Esber, chair)

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